The goal is to use the best natural elements in the world that enhance the MANA in every~body.


Most of you all have known me for my surfing and shaping yet I have always had dual passions. I feel these two fields have gone hand in hand and I wasn’t really aware of this in my earlier years. I had always known about my gift from a very young age but I had never publicized this until now. Wow, it seems there is so much to say on this subject and some interesting stories from my past. For those of you who do know me you know what I am talking about from first hand experience and thank you all for making a difference in my life. From the time I was young, I knew that I could help people and animals feel better by just the touch of my hands or even my hand hovering over them, intuitively receiving what to do. I call this MANA.



Through the years I have been approached by other holistic health practitioners who told me that I possessed a gift of healing. One practitioner suggested it was traditional reiki at its rawest form and recommended me not to pursue classes as it may counteract or confuse my natural gift I have been blessed with.

During my career I have made many friends, to this day two of my dearest friends Ken and Donna who were one of my first clients when I was a therapist at eighteen and who are on the U.S. ski team and now in the Masters division are still coming by for bodywork. I have worked primarily with athletes over the years and many of them Olympians and Professionals.